J. Cole and Dreamville Team Get Their Goat Moment

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Il y a 4 mois

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Go behind the scenes with Dreamville Records' J. Cole, Bas, Cozz, EarthGang, J.I.D, Lute, Omen and Ari Lennox for the cover of XXL magazine's spring 2019 issue.
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Read Ari Lennox's XXL magazine interview: bit.ly/2V377cq
Read Lute's XXL magazine interview: bit.ly/2FxJS3A
Read Cozz's XXL magazine interview: bit.ly/2TIezIi
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XXL Il y a 4 mois
Which artist are you looking forward to hearing on 'Revenge of the Dreamers III'?
Orion Malley
Orion Malley Il y a 18 jours
@Calven SK 😭
Calven SK
Calven SK Il y a 18 jours
J cole look like a proud father
Orion Malley
Orion Malley Il y a mois
Isis Rogers
Isis Rogers Il y a mois
V92 Il y a mois
Cozz and J.I.D 😎
jamari denegall1
jamari denegall1 Il y a 8 jours
Whats that beat tho? 🔥🔥
rupe los'e
rupe los'e Il y a 15 jours
Dreamville got next
India Lopez
India Lopez Il y a 19 jours
Imagine being one of the 146 people to dislike this😂
KeepItReal! Il y a 22 jours
Cordae gots to get with this, NOW!!!
KeepItReal! Il y a 22 jours
Joey 9
Joey 9 Il y a mois
J.I.D look like a young Michael Jackson.
Phantomflowz Il y a mois
looking like the beginning of this generations roc a fella records. He learned from the best. Put nothing but fire pens on your roster and watch them bubble, what we call planting seeds.
Black Wxlfdxg
Black Wxlfdxg Il y a mois
Them goats came in like ‘shit there’s already g.o.a.t.s here’
Black Wxlfdxg
Black Wxlfdxg Il y a mois
Bruh that dude from Earthgang be looking gay
Randy Savage
Randy Savage Il y a mois
The dream team for sure
Zaina_1124! Il y a mois
Who else knows the end song was one of the opening scenes of the ROTD3 documentary
Peacies Il y a mois
ekiti spirit himself
Valuable Lesson
Valuable Lesson Il y a mois
Ari sound like badu
aaron Il y a mois
Andwele Castleberry
Andwele Castleberry Il y a mois
Coz don’t look happy🧐
kevin muriithi
kevin muriithi Il y a mois
lambo truck 3:17
KlaKe09 Il y a mois
"What did you do with my tuck you in? My blanket." lol. Had to come back to see the Tuck You In after the REVENGE doc.
Big Mich
Big Mich Il y a mois
Who else came back here after the REVENGE documentary
Kam and Jax
Kam and Jax Il y a mois
Who is j cole did dreamville just sign him or what
Lovely_lenc Il y a mois
Love them ❤
way2ez Il y a mois
sza not with dream no mor?
Electric Cosmo
Electric Cosmo Il y a 2 mois
Nobody from dreamville made it glad XXL worthy of any dreamville artist
Tadhg K
Tadhg K Il y a 2 mois
Ari lennox is Michael jackson
Scuffed Lightyear
Scuffed Lightyear Il y a 2 mois
Imagine if Denzel Curry joined dreamville
deezypinder Il y a 2 mois
frwomen.com/id/vid%C3%A9o-81ZNv6P_H8A.html The perfect beat for all of Dreamville 💰
kevin musa
kevin musa Il y a 2 mois
OLU O.FANN looking like a gangster version of Aladdin but lowkey his with the rastafarians.
Mykol Il y a 3 mois
Olu O Fann looks like the Chiquita lady on the sticker of a banana
Armando Magdaleno
Armando Magdaleno Il y a 3 mois
The intro everyone on it
Jery Boi
Jery Boi Il y a 3 mois
Tuck you in = uh a fucking sheet jid🤣🤣😭
alvin asena
alvin asena Il y a 3 mois
Kota the friend should be here
C-AltiveTV2 Il y a 3 mois
frwomen.com/id/vid%C3%A9o-ySfwW_xSRU4.html (:) Don’t sleep on this(.) Congrats for the cover make(.) I’m shuffling through video(s)(.)
Justus Winthrop
Justus Winthrop Il y a 4 mois
Room full of creativity
I always love my momma cuz she's my girlfriend
I always love my momma cuz she's my girlfriend Il y a 4 mois
Staying with Bas I see. Always great to see these two together
Jason Davis
Jason Davis Il y a 4 mois
Nobody from Fayettenam though, I know Fayettenam people are crazy as hell but you need to break bread with home fam. J put Bleek on my nigga. Mobb Deep put Big Noyd on. Jam Master J help 50 get on. Fat Joe put Big Pun on. ATL niggas put ATL niggas on. LA put LA niggas on. New Orleans put New Orleans niggas on. Damn my nigga Ville niggas are starving with end of the road jobs ,drug dilling, and robbing, damn can the Villa niggas get some help.
Dashon Spriggs
Dashon Spriggs Il y a 4 mois
2:14 When ya siblings keep messing with stuff in ya room and you gotta confront them about it
Teresa Tokyo
Teresa Tokyo Il y a 4 mois
j.cole reminds me of nipsy a regular person you can see at your local smoke shop
cay cay
cay cay Il y a 4 mois
Earth gang fuck it up
D Sizzle
D Sizzle Il y a 4 mois
This is so refreshing. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Cree Robertson
Cree Robertson Il y a 4 mois
I swear all of dreamville have inspired me to make a brand and when it happens I swear they’ll be the firsts to ever get something
Seth LeChef
Seth LeChef Il y a 4 mois
I don’t see Jaden up there
c________ Il y a 4 mois
Ari is such a gem!! Love her! 🤩💖
Jermel Pigram
Jermel Pigram Il y a 4 mois
They all nice.
liquid snake
liquid snake Il y a 4 mois
Every song is a hit 💯, j Cole needs to keep working with them.
Agung Kasyim Syarbawi
Agung Kasyim Syarbawi Il y a 4 mois
Martin Luther King woulda been on Dreamville!
Vito Massa
Vito Massa Il y a 4 mois
Tell me another rap group who vibes like that.
Kareem Mirtyl
Kareem Mirtyl Il y a 4 mois
michelle joseph
michelle joseph Il y a 4 mois
Ari Is Soooooooo Pretty .
Dylan Cruz
Dylan Cruz Il y a 4 mois
Xavier Artis
Xavier Artis Il y a 4 mois
J Cole my favorite rapper but idc what nobody says this nigga signed straight back pack rappers, not one street nigga in sight, man, throw the whole team away, Just Jay rock, Kendrick school boy, and ab soul killing the whole team TDE over dreamville, coz and bas the only ones I think that can actually spit so far.
ImInfinite MidWest
ImInfinite MidWest Il y a 4 mois
Y'all pls check out *Omen* he's highly underrated!
Ronnjanique Collins
Ronnjanique Collins Il y a 4 mois
audiomack.com/song/ronnjanique-collins/hold-on Hey, guys. I'd greatly appreciate it if you take a moment to give this track a listen and vote for me to perform it in front of Matt Mcneal (Dreamville's A&R executive) if you like it. Of course, any form of feedback or criticism is welcome. I'll be posting the voting link in the comment section below.
Ronnjanique Collins
Ronnjanique Collins Il y a 4 mois
AS - 10WC - West Credit SS (2582)
AS - 10WC - West Credit SS (2582) Il y a 4 mois
And J Cole is in this
AS - 10WC - West Credit SS (2582)
AS - 10WC - West Credit SS (2582) Il y a 4 mois
The all New XXL 2019 is coming
Jazmin Barrientes
Jazmin Barrientes Il y a 4 mois
This group is special man
DatDude LT
DatDude LT Il y a 4 mois
Where is earth gang?
Rob Winkler
Rob Winkler Il y a 4 mois
Love Dreamville!
adam mohammed
adam mohammed Il y a 4 mois
Niggas looking like anime group
Jacob Kaiser
Jacob Kaiser Il y a 4 mois
Where Bas get that hoodie tho?
Melacca Dickens
Melacca Dickens Il y a 4 mois
I want to here Ari body an erykah Badu song.
Melacca Dickens
Melacca Dickens Il y a 4 mois
Is that little boy his son? I though he had a girl?
Rico Kokaaine TM.
Rico Kokaaine TM. Il y a 4 mois
frwomen.com/id/vid%C3%A9o-AKPvI4WVgOw.html check it out 🙏🏼🙏🏼
ProdByHtwo Il y a 4 mois
Beat produced by?
Passing Game Prod
Passing Game Prod Il y a 4 mois
My favorite label This is the Dreamteam
Jett Henry
Jett Henry Il y a 4 mois
Mahendro Adji
Mahendro Adji Il y a 4 mois
1:18 used to be my fav DS laner hero
Muddlyfe Family
Muddlyfe Family Il y a 4 mois
I’m like 100% sure #Muddlyfe will slaughter that whole crew! 💪🏾💪🏾
MattMatrixJohnson Il y a 4 mois
That instrumental made the video drag
Jayson Tetteh
Jayson Tetteh Il y a 4 mois
Ari lennox with the soulful voice
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