Rebuilding $10,000+ of Lamborghini Frame Damage Using $22 in Aluminum Bar & Harbor Freight Tools

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Get Paid 2 Days Early w/ Current:
vTuned helps repair a TON of parts on the Salvage Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 Spyder Rebuild Project! When we're done, we'll likely have one really cheap, if not the cheapest Lamborghini ever...
Special Thanks to:
FGP Stuff (Lamborghini Body Parts):
Eastwood (Auto Body Supply)
TIG 200 Digital Welder-
Panoramic True Color Welding Helmet-
Email Me:
Mail: Samcrac
PO Box 713
Odessa, FL 33556


Samcrac Il y a mois
Special thanks to Current for Supporting our Project and NOT Charging DISSERVICE FEES!!!! Check them out here:
Andy Garsed
Andy Garsed Il y a 27 jours
Hi, I absolutely love your videos but I didn't expect a great car specialist to tout for a bank, here in the UK you wouldn't unless you're authorized. Still, it's the US and I've good friends over the pond.
Stephen Gordon
Stephen Gordon Il y a 29 jours
Hey Sam go check out the kid with the red mustang, glassdoor , hes doing a fantastic job on that mustang hit him up you will be impressed !
BehindYour House
BehindYour House Il y a mois
Samcrac you're a pussy!
chokdii Il y a mois
Samcrac.... You had mentioned at one point you wanted an Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile. Apparently there is one available in Vancouver.
Kalepsis Il y a mois
Aspiration is better.
T Stone
T Stone Il y a heure
Could this be the world's most uninsurable Lamborghini?
Pol Via Ortega
Pol Via Ortega Il y a jour
Is it legal to replace part of the frame of a homologated chassis with a home made part?¿ The new frame looks great but are you sure that you used the same aluminium alloy as the car frame? Same teat treatment in the aluminium? You also missed the dent that the frame on the passenger side has. That dent is important to make sure that the aluminium bends instead of penetrating the cockpit in case of a crash.
Jus Badd
Jus Badd Il y a 5 jours
I have no idea why i keep watching these.. i carnt afford anything.. am im not good at this stuff but i still watch.. lol
jacob bayless
jacob bayless Il y a 6 jours
So... I'm guessing that the factory painted the aluminum with Zinc-Chromate to protect the Al. If he used ZnCr paint without a mask (and makes a habit of it), you're not going to have a living/breathing frame guy much longer. My guess is that the "best in the country" don't paint without a mask, and don't grind without eye protection...
TacticalPoutine HD
TacticalPoutine HD Il y a 7 jours
Adam sandler what up
Grayson Bennett
Grayson Bennett Il y a 8 jours
Aside from the debatly unsafe frame, why you gotta rattle can parts on a Lamborghini
Rick J
Rick J Il y a 10 jours
Not sure why they don't just scrap the car as it will never be the same as in original condition. If you owned this post body and frame shop and had it in to a Lambo dealer for service, they probably wouldn't touch it or they would refuse to warrant their work on it.
Hunter Jessup
Hunter Jessup Il y a 17 jours
I'd strip the body and make a mid engined death kart
Hunter Jessup
Hunter Jessup Il y a 17 jours
crumple zone sounds like a dance club
James Hillard
James Hillard Il y a 18 jours
best frame and body guy has never tig welded before???
Stavie1445 Il y a 19 jours
That’s a badass T-shirt. Where can I get one?
Steve Dwyer
Steve Dwyer Il y a 20 jours
LAMBO must LOVE you exposing what a RIP OFF they are! But it is the TRUTH!
Peter Van Patten
Peter Van Patten Il y a 21 jour
For all the haters. How about don’t crash. Crumple zones are for soccer moms that can’t drive
Smoke Screen
Smoke Screen Il y a 22 jours
So many ads for your videos.
JMounce Il y a 22 jours
Love all the comments like OmG SoMeOnE iS GoInG tO gEt KiLleD! Let's take away Sam's free speach and 'get him off youtube' because he wants to fix HIS Lambo in a way you don't like? Spoiler alert - he fixes it later on. Still - special group of IISH masters here on FRwomen.
historyfreak 919
historyfreak 919 Il y a 24 jours
quick tidbit....i have a Credit Union...the price to open an account? $5....which is to make sure it always has money in fees
Klaus Van Heusen
Klaus Van Heusen Il y a 24 jours
Vtuned does a great job. Good to see a young fella so motivated. Love the ride Sam.
Deerhunter102 Il y a 24 jours
Vtuned hasn't been alive long enough to have been doing this "A very long time", but he has a good work ethic and does a good job.
o stark1
o stark1 Il y a 28 jours
Think also about the pins and nuts you are using to join the parts, the wrong combination of metals could cause some bad corrosion issues which could result in failure. Or are you planning to inspect these areas regularly?
Christian Wiles
Christian Wiles Il y a 28 jours
I smell a lawsuit
austin bevis
austin bevis Il y a 28 jours
Current just sounds like a normal bank. I have U.S. Bank and I have none of the negatives you spoke of. Still a really cool video.
Jim S
Jim S Il y a 28 jours
The reason you are getting fewer viewers is YOU don't do shit. Like too many youtubers who hit the 100K subscriber and $100 K a year FRwomen payout is they get lazy. You were a jerk to people in Tampa and lost any local help there. So now you've tried to salvage your "business" by hooking up with VTuned. Difference is, he actually is a hard worker and knows how to do stuff. He'll pick up a few subscribers from you and you'll likely loose some views since you are now just reediting his footage. It's hilarious watching you in the vids standing around with your hands in your pockets while VTuned does all the work. Much like Goonzquad they both keep things fresh and don't try to make a reputation or career out of a PIZZA TRUCK tome.
Alcyone94 Il y a 29 jours
@11.25...He's the best frame and body guy in the country? Are you on Crac-k you poor deluded man
King Brilliant
King Brilliant Il y a 29 jours
Will they rebuild Sam when he crashes and the home made sub frame impales his chest?
King Brilliant
King Brilliant Il y a 29 jours
these fucking bullshit adverts he lies his way into. It's so underhand. With all of these videos skip the first 2 minutes of lying and advertising.
interpol Il y a 29 jours
This "custom frame piece" is one among other reasons why you should never buy a "rebuilt" car of this kind. Hard to imagine that there is any kind of warranty or insurance in case something happens.
Chorong Park
Chorong Park Il y a 29 jours
Samcrac working at "samclub"
rickshawrob Il y a 29 jours
The amount of salt in the comments lol.
Shard Collins
Shard Collins Il y a mois
That's Ironic Sam worked at Sam's Club lol
Anthony Franicevic
Anthony Franicevic Il y a mois
That guys ali tig sucks 😂 dirty af
Adlerwacht Il y a mois
Austin Law
Austin Law Il y a mois
I would make a paypal refund on that hood and tell the seller to have fun if he wants to sell shit saying excellent condition for a lambo
Greg Walker
Greg Walker Il y a mois
12:00 Structural weakening for collision joke. Good one.
Paul Hosie
Paul Hosie Il y a mois
Mike Knupfer
Mike Knupfer Il y a mois
No way this thing will pass the safety inspections needed to be on the road. Sorry but Vtuned is nowhere near “The best fabricator in the country.” 😂😂
IulianE Il y a mois
this VTuned guy is so skilled,and it looks like a younger Chip Foose
Nathan Khounthavong
Nathan Khounthavong Il y a mois
Hey Sam I was wondering since you been repairing salvage cars... is it harder or more difficult to repair a water damaged car compared to a wrecked vehicle?
Abdullah Alharbi
Abdullah Alharbi Il y a mois
@Samcrac Hi, it's will be better if you show us the car after repaired done and take us in a ride.
brayden geelen
brayden geelen Il y a mois
You should look in to a Subaru Impreza WRX. Very nice cars
NYC KING Il y a mois
Lmfaooo this vtuned guy looks like he has herpes or does meth
NYC KING Il y a mois
Yeah but Sam you don't rebuild your cars you just send everything to Vtuned
birk ørum
birk ørum Il y a mois
You look like you made money off of singing chipmunks... Nah just kidding; love the videos and all your content. I recently found you and hope you will continue making as great quality videos, so I can watch them! Keep it up
Mark B
Mark B Il y a mois
no disrespect but why wouldn't you clean the fan before re the way i love the channel guy's!!
Mostyn Faulkner
Mostyn Faulkner Il y a mois
Richie "I have a day job" Rich has cracked me up. He now calls you Sam the snake. You guys are so funny. Keep up the great videos. 👍👍👍😎😎😎
Niobokupletskite Il y a mois
if its such a good investment why are you telling us? you should be keeping it a secret and make all the money for yourself
Kalepsis Il y a mois
That dent in the stock frame rail on the passenger side was not because "someone stepped on it at the factory", it's a factory weakening point that contributes to the crumple zone. If you ever hit something in this car that new frame rail you fabricated is going straight through the firewall and into the driver's brain. I REALLY hope the state denies your rebuilt title application; this car is a deathtrap.
emileo naicker
emileo naicker Il y a mois
Vtuned actually admitted to this mistake on his channel. He took it apart and created the crumple zones on the rail he fabricated. Although he created it to be exactly the same as the passenger side, I highly doubt it would act the same way if it got into an accident again.
alex ares
alex ares Il y a mois
how bout that ferrari electrical problrm ?????
Fa Cheng CHIN
Fa Cheng CHIN Il y a mois
On time 11:47, the dent/bend on the original aluminum frame is for crash-absorption so that other areas of the car/chassis does not warp.
Erik Knepfler
Erik Knepfler Il y a mois
lol @ dude texting at 8:40 then at 9:00 I think he's on his phone again and the news is not good :P
cellphonenut Il y a mois
Excellent footage 💪💪
Beta Il y a mois
Where's the next video!!!!
darkanzali Il y a mois
Look how a professional does it xD
420GratefulHippie Il y a mois
Hey Samcrac! How's the Domino's Pizza lawsuit going? Is it still alive?
just 4 kicks
just 4 kicks Il y a mois
Shout out "Sam & V tune" coming along Great. Smart thing sourcing out Audi parts like the fan 🙌💯. Salute Guys 😎
Phillip Powell
Phillip Powell Il y a mois
Oh and by the by in the UK all personal bank accounts are called current accounts and you can start acurrent account for £1-00 we have had this system for must be 50years or more it's like 20th century stuff for us.
Phillip Powell
Phillip Powell Il y a mois
Hi Sam I have just watched this video and read some of the comments (not all) it seems that a number of viewers have pointed out the crumple zone detail but I have a question what was the specification of the Aluminium used in the original what is the spec of the tube you have replaced it with if its pure then I wouldn't worry about the crumple zone you got that covered if it is supposed to be a load bearing member you haven't
Joe Craigslist
Joe Craigslist Il y a mois
Vtuned added the crumple dents. Video is on his channel.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Il y a mois
fee magnet banks. great ad slip in. 👏👏👏👏👏 good stuff smacrac
STtyrone Il y a mois
You forgot the mount on the radiator.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Il y a mois
I will always suggest doing your banking at a local credit union. Better rates on all products, and you are treated like an actual person.
Brownie VP
Brownie VP Il y a mois
That kid has been doing this for a long time? I don't think he is even legal to drink... apparently a couple of years is a "long time" lol
Lee Zee
Lee Zee Il y a mois
where is green ferrari? we need drama here. samcrac are you hoping insurance company not to send you a title on time so you can return it?
Sylvan Butler
Sylvan Butler Il y a mois
See if you can bargain with the seller of that hood. Then touch up the bondo, paint the hood and call it good. If at some point you have a problem replace it then.
Deep hug
Deep hug Il y a mois
Tavarish: I have the cheapest Lamborghini in the county. Samcrac: Hold my Beer.
City Lock a polytechnikey llc company
City Lock a polytechnikey llc company Il y a mois
lol @ beer assistant reference.
Matthew Mead
Matthew Mead Il y a mois
Love all the negative comments... yet these morons are still watching. Ha Ha!
Wayne Spencer
Wayne Spencer Il y a mois
Samcrac I really hope you see this comment I've watched a number of your videos and honestly I think your a bit of a douch frankly. Your a toxic person who diss other you tubers to make your self look good I've now seen you diss DIY gang, rich rebuild, goonsqud. You ain't the shit and don't even do alot of your own work yet you you think your qualified to critique everyone else and talk s**t about there channels. Which FYI are better than yours. If you need to talk crap about others to look good then you need to take a look at your self as when you point the finger there are always three pointing back at you. I won't be watching your content anymore due to you being negative on other people doing there thing
Ahmed Gharib
Ahmed Gharib Il y a mois
I am really impressed with what you guys are doing but I have a question for you Thank the subframe piece that you guys fabricated is most likely from just aluminum, what I know is that Lamborghini frame is made from aluminum alloy to make it sustain pressure aren’t you worried that what you used might not be strong enough? Shoutout to you from Egypt man land of the pharaohs
Descartes rené
Descartes rené Il y a mois
Great video.
G. Cast
G. Cast Il y a mois
Who wants to bet $50 he ends up not finishing this project? FYI Skip the first 3min as it mostly only an ad pitch.
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