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"I'm gonna miss Toby. He had a nice calming presence in the office. Don't tell him I said this, but I always thought he was kind of cute."
Not even Costa Rica could keep this love apart
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xgremlin -
xgremlin - Il y a heure
sometimes i feel bad for toby and sometimes he makes me want to actually die
E Il y a 4 heures
I watched the knee touching part twice, cringe doesn't even afraid me
Austin CC
Austin CC Il y a 4 heures
This was painful
Stupid Knigga
Stupid Knigga Il y a 6 heures
When Toby says oh he sounds like a villager
ツGoldsnipeGaming Il y a 9 heures
i’ve felt bad for toby, i really did but Jim and Pam will forever be a thing
Frick Il y a 9 heures
*Am I the only one who loved Toby as a character* "YoUR AlL G A Y"
Frick Il y a 9 heures
5:52 *ok bish I'm saving that as an emote*
Sheepy15 Il y a 12 heures
0:38 i love how Roy is just like “wtf”
Catharsis the Antidote
Catharsis the Antidote Il y a 13 heures
That Oscar line didnt age well...
Gamer Peque
Gamer Peque Il y a jour
When Micheal found out that Toby was moving, that was probably the most happiest he’s been in his life.
Grant Nordin
Grant Nordin Il y a jour
Toby was so pathetic, no wonder he became the Scranton Strangler.
Sexy Chocolate Robbie
Sexy Chocolate Robbie Il y a jour
Fuck I hate toby
Bethany Bradley
Bethany Bradley Il y a jour
Toby's a bit of a creep
Cat The dumbass
Cat The dumbass Il y a jour
If Jim and Pam never ended up together I would totally ship this
Some Puerto rican guy
Some Puerto rican guy Il y a jour
I cringed so hard when Toby put his hand on Pam's knee but then bursted out laughing when I saw Andy's face 😂😂
Scout Studios
Scout Studios Il y a jour
I. Hate. Toby
5CU11Y87202 Il y a 2 jours
I choked laughing when he shouted “ does anyone have a camera hErE!?”😂
Dominic Cruz
Dominic Cruz Il y a 2 jours
“For the record I have never been involved with anyone at work, in any capacity!” *zooms in on Dwight*
Bisesh Shrestha
Bisesh Shrestha Il y a 2 jours
3:12 that's the sound the villages make in Minecraft
Awais Siddiqui
Awais Siddiqui Il y a 2 jours
this channel should have a best of toby but it should only be that one scene where he says he’s moving to costa rica
Ben Post
Ben Post Il y a 2 jours
This was really hard to watch.
UltimateGamer 50
UltimateGamer 50 Il y a 2 jours
the look on Toby’s face when Jim admitted it was priceless 😂😂😂
Prison Mike
Prison Mike Il y a 3 jours
shut up toby!
Deion Witcher
Deion Witcher Il y a 3 jours
Oh lord Toby’s attempts at trying to get at Pam is more cringe than Scott’s Tots
ironically finished
ironically finished Il y a 3 jours
ew, ew, ew, ew.
taburz blism
taburz blism Il y a 3 jours
so.... was the finer things club just a ruse to get closer to pam or to atleast spend more time with her? considering oscar is gay
daelyn x
daelyn x Il y a 4 jours
Pedro Salazar
Pedro Salazar Il y a 4 jours
I’m Andy when Toby touches Pam’s knee
Emma Campbell
Emma Campbell Il y a 4 jours
Caroline Herman
Caroline Herman Il y a 5 jours
“ Forbidden love” Me: NOOOOOOOOOOO PB & J is life skkk But it is still a good video
RoboKelzor Il y a 5 jours
Toby is adorableeeeeee
Freddy Allen
Freddy Allen Il y a 5 jours
i dare someone to try to get through this video without pausing ONCE. I can’t do it...
Gina Ogden
Gina Ogden Il y a 5 jours
Toby is one of my favorites 😂 poor guy goes through so much and everyone hates him. But he’s so great 😂
YOSHI YO Il y a 5 jours
A Rushing Surge
A Rushing Surge Il y a 6 jours
My love life is the definition of Toby
I Do Monologues
I Do Monologues Il y a 6 jours
3:03 lmao Toby's noise when Michael calls on him
Fripsnort Il y a 6 jours
Pam could've prevented the Scranton strangler
I Do Monologues
I Do Monologues Il y a 6 jours
I think he's sweet. For a Scranton strangler.
I Do Monologues
I Do Monologues Il y a 6 jours
Like I get that sometimes it's not premeditated and he's just being awkward, but there's some stuff that is premeditated and he's aware enough to know better.
I Do Monologues
I Do Monologues Il y a 6 jours
No, I take it back, he's being dickish.
BobTheCatface Kat
BobTheCatface Kat Il y a 6 jours
Hey at least the got to dance with each other!.....on the last episode....*sigh*
GalacticSlurpee Il y a 7 jours
9:23 why was Pam crying?
{ɪɴᴄᴏɢɴɪᴛᴏ} #1̴9̷̛́99̸̶
{ɪɴᴄᴏɢɴɪᴛᴏ} #1̴9̷̛́99̸̶ Il y a 7 jours
everyone is thirsty for Pam
Asian that loves flamingos
Asian that loves flamingos Il y a 7 jours
Michael always ruins the jokes lmao
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 Il y a 8 jours
5:43 Love how everything went quite💀
JimmyXD Il y a 8 jours
Toby decided to move to Costa Rica just to take away from the awkwardness 😂😩
Reavere Il y a 8 jours
Why did Stanley go from somewhat thin to thicc?
icediamonds Il y a 8 jours
The ending made me so fucking sad. Poor Toby. Seriously
Frozen Peanut butter
Frozen Peanut butter Il y a 9 jours
The office: Toby and Pam’s forbidden love ❤️ Me: ew
Jacqueline Il y a 9 jours
3:10 Hey toby, what's this? Toby: *minecraft villager noise*
Kristen Curley
Kristen Curley Il y a 9 jours
This was... so uncomfortable... just viewing it all at once instead of in small, manageable pieces like usual, hurt. This show is the best.
maria Il y a 10 jours
5:48 cURSED!!!
Kingpen Games
Kingpen Games Il y a 10 jours
That closeup of Jim's face at 5:51 gets me every time 😂😂😂
Shiz Il y a 10 jours
God I LOVEEEEE Toby... ❤️
Lily G.
Lily G. Il y a 10 jours
i always felt bad for toby :^(
I'mRoo Il y a 11 jours
The part that bothers me the most is the fact that if Toby would’ve just showed even a tiny amount of affection to Pam at the right time and told her how he felt I think they might’ve worked out.
Cobrye Boye
Cobrye Boye Il y a 11 jours
This whole video is just intense pain.
Hello Their
Hello Their Il y a 11 jours
Just look at Jim’s face when Toby touches pams knee god this scene is so cringey
A. Grace Gamer
A. Grace Gamer Il y a 11 jours
Jim's face when Toby touches Pam's leg needs to be a meme😂
Victoria Huynh
Victoria Huynh Il y a 11 jours
even andrew bernard the most perverted guy in the office (besides creed) was like “bro wtf” 5:54
Life of brightness
Life of brightness Il y a 12 jours
Toby: does anyone have a camera here? Cameraman: *hides in the closet*
Komrade BigTex sucks
Komrade BigTex sucks Il y a 12 jours
paul lieberstein was just doing his best to write in a scene where he can kiss jenna fischer and he failed.
mike uzo
mike uzo Il y a 13 jours
5:51 everybody looks like they want to laser off toby's hand like michael
Mike Shadow
Mike Shadow Il y a 14 jours
Toby's and Pam's love is not forbidden it's just frowned upon. Lol
DripBlack Il y a 14 jours
Fun fact: the actor for Toby is one of the directors and also didn’t want to play the character toby but they had no actors to play him so he was forced into the role. The only way Toby can be played is if you don’t want to play him cause the character is just that miserable and sad.
DripBlack Il y a 14 jours
If this relationship happened I would’ve hunted down the directors
Bot Prophet
Bot Prophet Il y a 14 jours
HR sucks.
Js for Days
Js for Days Il y a 14 jours
Aww this is so sad
Sophie Oliver
Sophie Oliver Il y a 15 jours
i literally love toby sooooo much so this makes me so sad😭😭
StevieDa Dragon
StevieDa Dragon Il y a 15 jours
Toby: hey want my sunscreen? Pam: oh! I forgot mine and I’m wearing a 2 piece Toby: o r g a s m s Pam: thanks Toby!
Marlena Sien
Marlena Sien Il y a 15 jours
It's sad to see women not value themselves. I've seen a lot of Pams in my day, settling for goof-offs and Narcissists; Peter Pan boys.
Riley Flatten
Riley Flatten Il y a 15 jours
Toby is the Scranton Strangler.
Ok Ok
Ok Ok Il y a 16 jours
If they dated I would have stopped watching 😂
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